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OSIREC 4g/60 ml

OSIREC Rectal Suspension 4g/60 ml
Active Substance: Mesalazine

Treatment Group: Digestive System and Metabolism
Treatment Subgroup: Intestinal Anti-Inflammatory 

Quadbiotic Capsule / Sachet

Quadbiotic Probiotic Supplement Capsule / Sachet

With a mix of 4 different probiotic strains, helps support the normal functions of the immune system and digestive system.

Osiflor Capsule / Sachet

Osiflor Probiotic Supplement Capsule / Sachet

Regulates the digestive system and promotes gastrointestinal stability with 5 billion CFU Saccharomyces boulardii probiotic in its content.

Osicol Drops

Osicol Lactase Enzyme Liquid Supplement
It contains the enzyme lactase, an enzyme that helps digest lactose to relieve complaints of lactose intolerance.
Ingredient: 56.9% Lactase (Obtained from Aspergillus oryzae.)