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Message of Management

Our story that begun in 2017 with a small medical device manufacturing facility, keeps evolving and getting bigger while diversifying within a very short time. The most important element of  growth and development is to start new projects and getting expert on them. For this reason we have established our R&D Laboratory for efforts aiming the treathment fields that we are focused on. Here, we are working on the high value added projects that are beneficiary for our economy which is needed in our country. We are touching people’s lives in many countries by registering our products in the abroad markets  while we have arrived on a very successful position  with our own products in the inner market. With our global partners we are making possible for our people to reach innovative therathments for  Rare Diseases that having the name “Rare” but ocurring very frequently also  in our territory. With the  aggrements we have made, we are aiming to firstly registering blood products that are strategically important for our country  and after manufacturing in our country. We are planning both to become a leading company in its own service fields and  investing on human health and in our country  mid and long terms.

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Our Mission and Vision

MCG PHARMA is growing and developing everyday on the fields of designing, marketing, post purchase support of the medical and human products for human health.

Our company is walking on the traces left by the modern global companies under the light of technological advancement, enviroinmental factors, medical needs and evolving health needs.

Our priority in MCG PHARMA products is being along with human health,  innovative, enviroinment friendly, sensitive to enegry efficiency and providing with the products which can give right answers to the needs.

In the light of our mottos, showing respect to every individual on earth , respecting different thoughts, not putting our company benefits over individuals’ benefits, our mission is prodiving human health focused, right and innovative products to benefits of primarily the people of our country and then benefit of people all over the World.