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MCG PHARMA Human Resources Department has adopted a governance method by consulting all the units, analyzing company,department and personnel needs and presenting solutions and recommendations to the senior management

Each personnel is initially valuable as humans and each personnel is a valuable member of our family. Ideas, view points and feedbacks of each personnel is valuable to us. As a result of therese mottos and company culture, we are endeavoring to create a working model that each personnel  has  equal and fair opportunities, that is open to development and evolving  work enviroinment.

I.Candidate Evaluation Process

Every single application submitted to our company is researched and evaluated meticulously. Applicants’ resume submissions are being stored in our candidate pool for a year. Applicants are being contacted if the is any position becomes available and applications concluded fastest possible way.

II. Career and Talent Management Process

It is initially aimed that each personnel working in our company  doing their job with love and happiness. Every physical opportunity is provided to our personnels which is required for their work. We are repeatedly expressing in every opportunutiy that we are interested  what is being done as much as how is being done so that we are focused on process as much as we are focued on results.

With this motto, we are building and managing the pathway of  each personnels’ career together with them. We are edeavoring to get  our personnel with a certain level of  seniority and experience into management programs and making them earn management capabilities. We are supporting our personnel with education seminars inside and outside the company to get them increase their Professional proficiency.

III.Pricing Policy

At the end of each year, Human Resources Committe agenda evaluates the salary and side-rights with the data of the past year and works on putting the slary treshold above the market median. We are providing side-rights to our personnel. We are also providing technological and software support to manage work with hibrit model in case of emergencies.

IV. Human Resources Solution Partner

We are providing with the solutions by creating a human resources  framework that every personnel can access easily and share their problems and elations.

V.Code of Ethics

We are embracing code of ethics that all of our personnel embraces and adapts to their lives. We are acting appropriately and respectfully towards our laws and traditions. We are taking maximum care of data safety and protection of personal information. We are protecting the company resources and acting appropriately on our work. We are conducting our financial checks  efficiently and organised. We are engaged to implement  the terms of Trust, Agility, Honesty, Transparency, Diligence and most importantly Smiling into our work flow in the deepest way.