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Osiwax Ear Drops
3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% Boric Acid, 3% Glycerin.

With its effective formulation, it physically softens the cerumen in the outer ear and allows it to be easily cleaned.

Osisoft Spray

Osisoft Nasal Spray
With its spray form and effective formulation, it helps to reduce bleeding by protecting the moisture of the nasal mucosa in people with dry nose.
It provides long-term moisturization and is ideal for use after nasal operations.

Sinus Box – Sinus Box Kids

Sinus Rinse Kit
It provides an effective washing with its delicate pH balanced formula (25 sachets) consisting mixture of Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate, and a bottle containing a silicone pipette. With its special bottle also provides effective and easy use for children.