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We support contiunity with high-level precaution in our efforts which are the key steps such as   logistics, storage, production planning, raw material supply while we closely follow the developments in production Technologies to make it possible sustainable, possible and easily reachable  for patients who are  in and out of our country.

We are enlarging the contribution of our production experience in the sterile dosage forms such as vial and PFS (Pre Filled Syringe )  and in non-sterile dosage forms of liquid spray, ointment, cream, powder and granule sachets, suspension, capsule and tablets in categories of drug, medical device and food supplements to the public health everyday.

Our registration department which succeeded on drug registration processes in Türkiye and more than 16 countries’ health authorities is also proceeds on both generic and imported reference drugs for human medical products, medical devices, and food supplements.

Besides acquiring the drug registrations, our Registration Department is successfuly working on acquiring permissions given by the territorial authorities and following up the procedures for variation applications, price applications, preparation of dossiers for Social Security Instution of Recpublic of Türkiye, acquiring sales certificates, export applications and CPP applications.